Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts on funding the "Stimulus" package - Where should the money come from to insure our National sovereignty

To fund the “stimulus” package the government needs to have the money. Other than printing more money, devaluing the dollar, and running the risk of causing an inflationary bubble, the government will need to float bonds. A majority of these bonds, if sold openly, will, no doubt, be purchased by foreign investors and foreign nations. So, when it comes time for the American government to pay off these bonds, they will be beholden to foreign interests that will be looking for the payment.

This is, in my opinion, what we should do. Now, it will not make everyone happy. It is a foregone conclusion that the “stimulus” package will become a reality. Whether or not you like it is of no consequence. We must think forward. We must make sure that our Nation is not sold wholesale to the highest bidder. Again, in my opinion, we should institute the following program for a designated period of time. I recommend 3 years (the length of time can be adjusted). A 5% (percentage can be adjusted) tax/fee/surcharge/whatever-you-want-to-call-it on anyone making more than $100,000 (nice round number, it too can be adjusted). This money is a mandatory bond loan to the government. Anyone in this bracket can, of course, volunteer to “purchase” more. Furthermore, perhaps mandatory bond loans could go at current market rates while volunteer bond rates could be sold at incrementally higher rates of interest. Additionally, tax incentives could be given to those making less than “$100,000” if they choose to purchase the government bond loans. The money for these government bond purchases would go to help offset this monstrosity of a bail-out/stimulus package (again, whether you like the thing or not - there it is) while helping to maintain the sovereignty of the Nation. Just like regular bonds, after a specified period of time the bond loans can be collected by the American people. I liken it to borrowing from your 401k. You pay yourself back with interest.

This is an idea, please comment and let me know what you think. I would like to get this to our Congressional Servants as soon as possible. I will do my best to take your thoughts on the mater and incorporate them into the “presentation” to Congress. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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