Monday, October 13, 2008

"sharing in both the misery and prosperity"?

My own intellect drives my opinions and not those of any one media source. I did not wait for this election to start paying attention. I am a careful and deliberate thinker. I have run across hateful things on both sides of the political spectrum and ignore it as idiotic rhetoric. I do not define my ideal by information thrown at me. I seek information, process it through the prism of The Constitution, and make my own judgments as to what is Democratic-leaning and what it Socialist-leaning.

I, like John McCain, do not fear an Obama Presidency. I just rue the prospects of having to spend a half century undoing all of the socialist programs that he will institute once it is shown, by the slow progression of time, that these types of programs only promote mediocrity. We offer free education to all. Many choose to thumb their nose at this opportunity and their parents who traveled similar paths offer no assistance. Now, when these people find themselves at the lower rungs of American society, there are those that want those that have worked hard to offer up even more, "sharing in both the misery and prosperity". I'm sorry but this sounds a little too much like making those that work hard a little more miserable and trying to bring prosperity to those without the skills to find it for themselves.

I have no problem with offering assistance to those who are down on their luck. Down-sizing and loses of jobs happen at all-too-inopportune times. We do have to have security nets to catch those that fall. America is far to great a place to let people suffer without essential healthcare. I do have a problem with throwing money into a well where those that choose to procreate to get a bigger check and spend the change from their food stamps on cigarettes scramble to pick-up a bigger hand-out. In stead of money for nothing and the continuation of the poverty cycle, job retraining and easier access to adult education should be the American mantra.

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